Tour to Niš

Niš is regional center and the third largest city in Serbia. City with turbulent history was a crossroads between East and West, the places where the forces of Europe and Asia collided. It is a place where Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was born, a ruler who proclaimed religious tolerance and later converted to Christianity...

City of Niš was ruled by Dardanian Kingdom, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Bulgarian Empire, Medieval Serbia ..... Turkish rule lasted from 1386 until 1877, despite several Serb revolts; Ćele Kula (Tower of Skulls) and Niš Fortress are reminders of Ottoman dominion. Niš also had it rough during WWII; the Nazis built one of Serbia's most notorious concentration camps here.

Niš Fortress

Fortress of Nis is historic monument and by far, the biggest middle age heritage of this city. It was built in the early 18 th century and today represents one of the most beautiful and well-preserved fortresses on Balkan peninsula. The Fortress was used as an armory, hammam (bath), and prison. Much of the original building is still standing.

Inside the fortresse are restaurants, cafeterias, and stages where the main programs of Nišville Jazz Festival are held each year in August.

Skull tower

Skull tower is stone structure embedded with 952 human skulls and is absolutely unique in the world. It was built after the battle for liberation of Nis in 1809. This horrific monument was built as a warning to anyone rising against the Ottoman Empire. Originaly there were 952 skulls built into the tower, today there are 59 skulls remain and they still illustrate all the horror of the original tower.

The bohemian quarter of Nis

Bohemian quarter of Nis is "Kazandžijsko sokatče", situated in the heart of the old town, this strip used to be lined with craft workshops and all kinds of industrious vendors. Today, the blacksmiths have handed over their keys to restaurant and cafe owners, so it’s more of a restaurant hub than anything else.

How to book Tour and Price

This private tour lasts around 11 hours. Tour star around 9:30 am with pick up from your hotel. Price depends of group size. Price per group up to 3 pax cost 300 euro. (Meal is NOT Included in price. The cost of 2-course meal and drink is around 15 Eur/person) Booking Tour is really simple, just send us an e-mail at