About Domovina Genealogy

Domovina Genealogy is research company based in Belgrade, Serbia. We step in whenever the undertaking of in-depth genealogical research in Serbia and all surrounding countries is necessary. With expert team and vast experience in archival and genealogical research we provide services of tracing one’s ancestors, living relatives, reconnecting families, finding and collecting documents, assisting in scholar and archival research.

Genealogy Services was set up by Aleksandar Stojanović Ph.D. and his associates. Aleksandar comes with a background of a decade long impressive scholar career in humanities, mainly based on historical research of primary sources such are documents, archival records and old newspapers. Our researchers are his close associates of whom many have scholar background and rich experience in archival and field research. During our quests to find one’s roots and family we strongly rely on a large network of local experts and archivists we have established in order to cover the entire territory of former Yugoslavia. Since the Balkans spent several centuries within borders of large states such were Ottoman Empire and Habsburg Empire (later Austria–Hungary) we also employ experts versed in Ottoman-era Turkish language, Latin, German, Hungarian and Russian languages.

Should you commission Domovina Genealogy Services to undertake research on your behalf, it will be carried out in accordance with our code of professional practice. All information supplied to, and uncovered by us, will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. No report or any part thereof will be copied, replicated or circulated to anyone other than the commissioning client.

Domovina Genealogy Research Team

Dr Aleksandar Stojanović ( Managing Director and Co-founder ) is a historian, internationally acknowledged for his research on WWII in Serbia, the Holocaust and propaganda. He graduated at Belgrade University (Faculty of Philosophy, M.A. in 2010, Ph.D. in 2014), published more than 40 scholarly papers and 3 monographs. Since 2011 Aleksandar works at the Institute for recent history of Serbia and participates in domestic and international research projects. His interests in history and research haven’t diminished and are still active, however, while seeking for new challenges and perspectives in life he found himself carrying out genealogical research, first for his friends and since 2015 for clients worldwide. Also, he occasionally guides tours, mostly Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia. Reconnecting families and providing the clients with data regarding their family past proved to be as dynamic and inspiring as scholar work. Coming from such background Aleksandar has a scholarly verified in-depth knowledge about research of past and has years of research activity in numerous archives (Serbia and abroad).

Rade Ristanovic is another historian heavily involved in archival and genealogical research. Rade has a M.A. degree in history and currently is a Ph.D. candidate at University of Novi Sad. He published two monographs and over 20 scholarly papers. He was awarded a prestigious national Prize for best Ph.D. student and young scholar by the Faculty of Philosophy (Novi Sad) in 2017. Among the Serbian historians he enjoys a reputation of being among the ones that have the broadest and most detailed knowledge of archival records. Rade participated in number of research projects himself and has also been appointed on several occasions to conduct a research for international clients (including some acknowledged scholars and journalists). Coming from a scholar background and being involved in archival research on a daily basis, Rade is our most trusted and committed researcher, the one how will dig deep and wide to find your roots or collect documents for any purpose you may need.

Lana Kovela has a huge working experience in the public sector, where she has been employed for over thirty years. She holds the degree of Master in IT and Business Administration from the Belgrade University. When she retired, Lana wanted to do something different and turned her hobby to a new job. Now she is a full-time genealogist focusing on online genealogy and historical research. She also enjoys genealogy research on her own family lines, plus many of the collateral families she is related too.

Genealogy Tours & Family Tree Art

Milan Drobnjak graduated from the Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Milan is certified tour guide, passionate about history and calligraphy art. He is responsible for Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia. Genealogical vacations combine family history with travel in very specific ways and Milan can help you decide which type of family history trip will be best for you and pass along some road-tested planning and packing tips. Milan is also gifted calligraphy artist. He can turn your family history into Art.

Family Documentary Production

Filip Janjic graduated General Business Administration at Belgrade University. He is camera shots and video production expert. Filip is responsible for Family Documentary Production, a unique service for those who would like to have Video or Photos of the village in Serbia where their ancestors were born. This service gives you an opportunity to walk your ancestors’ footsteps while staying at your own home. Filip can capture your family members in Serbia sharing stories and memories of the family history, a collective family experience or topic of choice.