A genealogy and family history research service in Serbia. Let us help you find your Serbian roots!

Whether you are new to genealogy research, or have reached a point in tracing your family tree at which you need professional assistance, we can help you find your ancestors in Serbia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

We are Serbian Professional Genealogy and Family History Research Services based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our services include online and on-site research, transcription and translation. As a special service, Domovina Genealogy also offer a private genealogical tour of the places where your ancestors used to live.

If you would like to start your genealogy research, contact us, we can help you with any scale of project !

Why hire experts in Domovina Genealogy?

If you are undertaking genealogical research in Serbia you will notice that the most of the document and information are not available online. Secondly there is language barrier as majority of records is in old Serbian handwriting. So it makes's sense that research is done by a Serbian professional in Serbia and the price is very competitive. Our standard research rate is 30 Euro per hour.

How we work

We first review the information you already have, to define the research problem and make sure that we clearly understand your needs and expectations.

If we are confident we can help, we will develop a research proposal. This will include an estimate of the work hours involved and any likely extra costs. All fees are agreed in advance so you will know the amount you will pay before we start research. We will also give you an estimate of how long the project is likely to take.

We usually divide Research projects into phases of ten to twenty hours. The Clients always have control over the project direction and expenses. At the end of the each phase, you will receive a report with the findings and scans of any original records consulted during the phase.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card using Paypal. Full payment is requested in advance for budgets of 100 Euro or lower. For commissions over 100 Euro, we request half the agreed amount in advance and secod half on completion.

When “classic” family history research is requested we usually start with “Basic research package”. That Preliminary Research of available records about your ancestry includes a 4 hour research in an archive (Church and Governmental), a report that includes all the information that were found and also a suggestion how to continue. The cost for Basic research package is one-time fee of 200 Euro and € 0,4 Euro per kilometer if travel is necessary to complete the task.

Feel free to email us for a free consultation to discuss your genealogical goals ...

Want to Proceed?

If you wish to proceed you can email us and provide us with the following details:

What you would like to research.
Details of what you know so far including any dates or places of birth, marriage and death.
Full details of any research that has already been done.
What your goals are.

Who we are

Domovina Genealogy is a premium genealogy research company based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our team is highly versed in archival research and tracing of historical sources, as some of our team members hold Ph.D. degrees. We have vast experience with genealogical research of Serbs that emigrated to USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe, Danube Germans in Vojvodina (Donauschwaben, provinces of Banat and Srem/Sirmia), Jews that lived in Serbia and fromer Yugoslavia prior to the Holocaust, Russian White Emigration and migrations to USA from Dalmatia and Montenegro (Boka).

Dr Aleksandar Stojanovic

Genealogy expert

Rade Ristanovic

Genealogy expert

Lana Kovela

Senior Researcher

Filip Janjic

Family Documentary Production