Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia

Discover your ancestry, reconnect with your family roots and explore the land of your forefathers. We can help you design your personal genealogy tour in Serbia, witht custom itinerary that cover places of specific interest to your family history, and providing expert guides for your trip, giving historic context to the lives that your ancestors lived..

  • visit of the area where your ancestors used to live.
  • visit of the house or street where your ancestors were born.
  • visit of your ancestor’s graveyard.
  • visit of a parish and browsing through church registers.
  • visit of an archives library and reading of records related to your ancestors.

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Tailor made Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia

We offer tailor made tours throughout Serbia focused on your genealogy for individuals and small groups. Many companies are genealogy research only, many companies are touring companies only, we at Domovina Genealogy are proud to be able to encompass your research and tour together enabling us to work with you throughout the process to customize your tour with you and for you.

Our mission is to help you return to the land of your ancestors, learn more about the ancestral culture, traditions, food, everyday life ... Please, feel free to contact us to make an inquiry about your personal Genealogy Tour to Serbia.

Here are some basic information how does it work and what can we do for you ...

Plan Your Heritage Tour in Serbia

If you already know where exactly your ancestors come from, contact us and we will make plan together. If you are not sure about your ancestors, please first check our webpage " "Family History Research"" .

Every Ancestry & Genealogy Tours is custom made. Your ideas, likes and preferences are carefully taken into account at every stage of planning. We study your the needs and try to include in Tour all places which would be the part of their ancestors’ life such as the ancestral house, the church, the cemetery and other interesting parts of the ancestral village.
When we plan your personal custom made Genealogy Tour in Serbia we often combine it with best possible sightseeing in the area your roots come from.

Comfort is important. In your heritage trip itinerary we suggest the best places for accommodation as well as the best restaurants around (depending on your budget). In bigger cities we can offer turist apartments or 3, 4 stars hotels or more exclusive. In smaller towns and villages we advise to stay in small Inns, B&B’s and agro-tourism houses, where you can see everyday life in Serbia, and where you will have the opportunity to experience real Serbian hospitality.

Guiding and Driving you throughout the journey
Tours are designed to meet individual requirements and include car / minibus with a genealogist / driver, guidance and assistance. This way Your Tour in Serbia becomes a real vacation and you will learn much about both the history of the area and feel the real life of the country your ancestors come from.

Assist with Your Personal Visit to the Archives in Serbia
Some of our clients prefer to come to do the family research in Serbia by themselves. We can assist and make your visit to the archives and other governmental institutions as successful as possible. We are skilled in this sort of research, reading records and languages. We can guide you through this process and help you feel like a real detective.

The total price of the Ancestry & Genealogy Tour in Serbia depends of course on the specific itinerary of the tour. Email us to receive a tailor made offer. If you are our returning guests you are entitled to 5% discount of the final price.

Please contact us if you have additional questions ...