Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Domovina Genealogy ?

If you are undertaking Serbian genealogical research it make's sense it is done by an Serbian in Serbia. Every geographical location is very different with respect to local language and local source of Genealogy records.

Domovina Genealogy, who are they ?

Domovina Genealogy is a professional firm of qualified genealogists and family historians located in Belgrade, Serbia. For more details .. " see About us page..."

How do Domovina Genealogy do their research ?

There are many genealogical sources that would be utilized according to the individual circumstances, for more detali see Genealogy records and resources in Serbia at Research Service page...

How Domovina Genealogy work ?

Firstly, we offer a free thirty-minute assessment to review your information for all potential clients. Based on this assessment and if we are confident we can help, we will develop a research proposal. This will include an estimate of the work hours involved and any likely extra costs. All fees are agreed in advance so you will know the maximum amount you will pay before we start research. We will also give you an estimate of how long the project is likely to take.

We usually start Family History Research with “Basic research package”. That Preliminary Research of available records about your ancestry includes a 4 hour research in an archive (Church and Governmental), a report that includes all the information that were found and also a suggestion how to continue. The cost for Basic research package is one-time fee of 200 Euro. After “Basic research package” and preliminary findings, client decides if he/she wants to continue the Family History Research project ...

At all times, the client has control over the project direction and expenses.

What areas and countries do you cover ?

We offer our clients a wide range of research services from single item document retrieval ... to highly specialized research like Scholar, Legal, Estate & Probate Research.

We cover Serbia and countries where Serbs live and used to live. Domovina Genealogy rely on a large network of local experts and archivists and cover the entire territory of former Yugoslavia. Since the Balkans spent several centuries within borders of large states such were Ottoman Empire and Habsburg Empire (later Austria–Hungary) we also employ experts versed in Ottoman-era Turkish language, Latin, German, Hungarian and Russian languages.

How to start ? What information is required to trace my ancestry ?

Just email us and provide the details like: What you would like to research and details of what you know so far including any dates or places of birth, marriage and death...

How long will the research take ?

We aim to complete the research within 4 to 10 weeks. If the research is likely to continue for a longer period of time, you will be kept informed of our progress.

What is a stage of research ?

If research project is complex we divide it into smal steps or „stages“. We usually work in 10-hour stages. After each stage client decides if he/she wants to continue the project if satisfied with the results and if there are still resources available.

How far back can you trace my ancestors ?

We would normally expect to trace the family line you choose back several generations, although progress varies depending upon the survival of records.

What will I receive ?

Once we have completed the family history research for you, you will receive a full report. Aloso at the end of the each phase, you will also receive a email report with an explanation of the findings and scans and abstracts of any original records consulted during the research.

How much does it cost ?

Our standard rate is 30 Euro per hour. ( For On-site and Online research, Analysis, Reporting, Research planning, making Translations, Transcriptions ..)

For Travel expenses we charge 0,4 Euro per kilometer if long distance travel is necessary to complete the task.

All fees are agreed in advance so you will know the amount you will pay before we start research for each phase.

How can I pay Domovina Genealogy ?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card using Paypal.

Full payment is requested in advance for budgets of 100 Euro or lower. For commissions over 100 Euro, we request half the agreed amount in advance and secod half on completion.

How confidential is the information ?

All research conducted by Domovina Genealogy is held in the strictest confidence. The research obtained will not be disclosed to any third party without specific prior instructions from yourself.

Please contact us if you still have questions, we'll be happy to assist.

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