Planning Your Ancestral Tour in Serbia

Adequate preparation for genealogy vacation can make your trip more enjoyable and efficient, and prevent some frustration. Here are some things to consider when planning Ancestry & Genealogy trip to Serbia.

  • Have you researched your family tree
  • Plan your Heritage Tour in Serbia
  • Accommodation
  • What to visit
  • Guiding and Driving
  • Cost for Ancestral Tour in Serbia

Please feel free to e-mail us we will be happy to assist you planning Ancestral Tour in Serbia

Review Your Research

I have already researched my ancestry
If you already have information about your roots and just want help with travel arrangements to visit the towns and villages of yours ancestors, we will gladly work with you to create a personalized itinerary, based on your own ancestry research, and then organize all the logistics for you. Just send us this information and let us create a tour specifically designed for you.

I need help to research family history
If you have limited information about your ancestors and would like to research your family history in more detail then we can first "Research Your Family History "" and then build a tailor-made tour based around our findings.

I need assistance for Personal Visit to the Archives in Serbia
Some of our clients prefer to come to do the family research in Serbia by themselves. We can assist and make your visit to the archives and other governmental institutions as successful as possible. We have skilled researchers that can help you track, read and translate historical and genealogy sources. We can guide you through this process and help you feel like a true genealogist or detective.

Plan Your Heritage Tour in Serbia

Where to stay and what to use as your base for your Ancestral Tour
In most cases, we would recommend that you choose Belgrade as a base for your trip. Many areas of Serbia are accessible in one Day allowing you time to see your Families exact Church, Graveyard and Family House and local historical interests and return to Belgrade. We would like you to see numerous attractions and explore Serbian history, so when you use Belgrade as base- we can take you to any part of Serbia and return you to your hotel.

Belgrade has all kinds of accommodation to choose from luxury hotels, tourist apartments (vacation rentals) , hostels … Best place to stay in Belgrade is Old Town around Republic Square. In this area you can find Hotels classified from three to five-star. The prices vary according to the category of the hotel and the season. Price range for 3 star Hotel is 50 – 60 Euro per night. For 4 star Hotel price is 70 – 140 Euro per night. Price range for 5 star Hotel is around 250 Euro per night.
Tourist apartments (Vacation rentals) is also good option. Prices are per apartment (not per person) and up to 40% less than hotel rooms of an equivalent standard. The rent depends on how long you book and stay. Price range for tourist apartment (equivalent 3 star hotels) is around 30 - 50 Euros per night.
Hostels - This accommodation is economical, but usually one bathroom may be shared by several rooms. Prices are per person and range around 10 - 20 Euro per night
In smaller towns and villages we advise staying in small Inns, B&B’s and agro-tourism houses, where you can see everyday life in Serbia, and where you will have the opportunity to experience real Serbian hospitality.

What to visit
There is time in the tours to see ancestral villages and meet perhaps family. Visiting ancestral village can be one of the most memorable moments of your genealogy research. To see the house where your family once lived … to visit the church or school that your family attended … it’s something most of us want to experience at least once.
But when visiting Serbia, you don’t want to miss out famous attractions. You’re on vacation, and of course you will also have the opportunity explore Serbia. As a professional historians and tour guides we will take you to and explain about Serbia’s cultural heritage and ancient as well as modern history. And you will enjoy the scenic landscapes of your ancestors' homeland.

You can also find lots of inspiration in artical that cover 10.000 years of civilization and history in territory of modern Serbia

Guiding and Driving you throughout the journey
Best solution is that your local guide, interpreter, and driver in one person. You can enjoy your time and your English-speaking tour guide will take care of the itinerary, accommodation, driving, sightseeing, paying the entry fees or even help you as your personal translator.
Domovina Genealogy tours are designed to meet individual requirements and include all this... This way Your Tour in Serbia becomes a real vacation and you will learn much about both the history of the area and feel the real life of the country your ancestors come from.

As the trips are custom-made to each customer, it is not possible to give an exact price here. The total price of the trip depends on the number of participants and number of days in Serbia. Typically, a tour of 5 days for a group of 2 participants costs approx 1000 euro (500 euro per person). (flight tickets, meals and drinks are not included)

Please e-mail to if you have additional questions or to receive a tailor made offer.

If you are our returning guests you are entitled to 5% discount of the final price.