Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia (7 days)

We offer a flexible choice for Ancestral Tour in Serbia. Our concept is “ You can come whenever you want, stay as long as you wish, and enjoy journey back in time“. All our tours are custom-made, and we arrange the journey for you and your group in co-operation with you.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do... email to: and we will do the rest.

This is example of a 7 day tour, one day visit to your ancestors hometown/village and 6 days exploring historical and cultural sights of Serbia.

Day 1:

The tour begins when your personal guide / driver pick you up at Belgrade Airport. Transfer to your hotel in the city center. There'll be time for break and relax. After break your guide will show you the city center, help you exchange money, suggest you the restaurants and take you to the bohemian quarter Skadarlija.

Day 2:

After breakfast, your personal researcher/guide and your driver will pick you up from your hotel. You will explore the places where your ancestors lived and see and feel how your ancestors daily life used to look prior to migration to the "New World" or Western Europe.

Day 3:

We will take you on Belgrade History tour. This is 4,5 Hours Combined Tour (Walking Tour + Boat Cruise) If walking is a problem, part of the tour could be done using public transport or limo service. In this personal tour you will discover Belgrade and Serbia culture, incredible sites, stories & legends. No rushing because the tour is truly private and flexible. After touring there’s an optional dinner with your researcher to further discuss your findings and an overnight stay in your hotel.(See more about Belgrade History tour)

Day 4:

A day-long trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad - It is one hour drive from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Serbia's second-largest city and Capital of the Vojvodina region. The town has a long and exciting history and unique multiethnic and multicultural identity. Unlike Belgrade and most of central Serbia, you can see Central European (Habsburg) civilization influences, especially in architecture and city plan. Unique mixture of Central European and Balkan traditions defines local music, art and cuisine. We will also visit the “Gibraltar of the Danube”, the Petrovaradin fortress from where you will have magic view of the whole city. (See more about Tour to Novi Sad )

Day 5:

A day-long trip from Belgrade to Royal town Topola and Oplenac and story about royal family Karađorđević and Serbia’s famous wine region. In Oplenac we will visit the Church of St. George, the mausoleum of the Karadzordzevich family. In Topola, we will enter the house of the king Peter the 1st Karadzordzevich, today the museum. (See more about Tour to Topola and Oplenac)

Day 6:

A day-long Tour along Danube river, Iron Gate, National park Đerdap, Lepenski Vir. We will visiting the magnificent Golubac Fortress built in 14th century, featuring nine impressive towers. You will be excited to meet the 96,5 km long Danube “Iron Gate” gorge of magnificent beauty with its spectacular Lepenski Vir, Padina and Vlasac Mesolithic Archaeological highlights dating back over 10000 years . We will continue to Kapetan Mišin Breg farm for a lunch consisting of local specialties. Apart from the food we will also enjoy the farm's marvelous vantage point overlooking the Danube. We will also visit Donji Milanovac, small city situated right on a coast of Danube. (See more about Tour along Danube river)

Day 7:

Communist tour in Belgrade. (3 hours) The interesting story about Communist Yugoslavia and Tito, his personality, cult, political repression, propaganda, switching periods of fast economic growth and crisis, unique political and artistic liberties in the socialist bloc and a bloody civil war which ended this controversial country.

Prices & Payment & Travel insurance

As the Ancestry & Genealogy Tour is custom-made to each customer, it is not possible to give an exact price here. Typically, a tour of 7 days for a group of 2 participants costs approx. 1330 euro. (flight tickets are not included)

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card using Paypal. When booking your tour 30% deposit is required to secure your dates, and your final payment is when you come to Serbia and start your tour.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company for travel insurance.

How to book Ancestry Tour

Booking Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia is really simple. All you need to do is to send us an e-mail at, tell us a few words about your family roots, how many days you wish to stay in Serbia, when you plan to travel, and we will take care of the further research and organization of your tour.

We will create uniquely unforgettable experiences with memories that will last you last a lifetime.

Genealogy Tour Led by Experts

Many companies are genealogy research only, many companies are touring companies only, we at Domovina are proud to be able to encompass your research and tour together. Discover Serbia's beauty & culture & history and your roots in ways that relate uniquely to YOU !

Dr Aleksandar Stojanovic

Genealogy expert & tour guide

Milan Drobnjak

Tour guide

Lana Kovela

Researcher & tour guide

Filip Janjic

Family Documentary Production