Live Like a Local and Reconnect with your Family Roots

In many parts of the world, tourists are treated differently than locals. With our concept "Live Like a Local and Reconnect with your Family Roots" you’ll be able to have an authentic experience, have a better understanding of the culture and adopt the local customs. We offer unique journey back in time to discover country of your ancestors. We provide all necessary research related to your family, contact your relatives still living in Serbia and organize a fantastic tours according to your wishes.

You can come whenever you want, stay as long as you wish, and enjoy journey back in time.

We usually divide Ancestry Tours in 3 parts :

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do... email to: and we will do the rest.

This is example of a one month tour, where you have unique opportunity to Live Like a Local and reconnect with your family roots.

1. Explore the places where your ancestors lived:

Your family history research isn’t complete until you’ve visited your ancestral hometown and explored the places your family lived before they made their emigration journey. Our team of professional genealogists and experienced tour guides will help you tracing your family history, locating the exact hometown and houses where your ancestors lived and the churches they attended. We can help you find and reconect with relatives ...

2. Get to know the history and culture of Serbia:

Our vision is to introduce you with Srebia history and cultural heritage. If history is your thing, Serbia has plenty of it : Try Tour along Danube river that include Lepenski Vir and Iron Gate, National park Đerdap, Golubac Fortress ...., or Viminacium tour and story that 17 Roman emperors were born on the territory of today's Serbia... If you like to learn about Serbian Golden age you can visit impressive monasteries, such are Mileševa, Ziča, Sopoćani, Visoki Dečani, Gračanica, Ravanica, Ljubostinja and Manasija.... Tour to Niš include story about time when Serbia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire ... Tour to Fruška Gora monasteries, Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci include story about large migrations of Serbs from the Ottoman Empire to the Habsburg Monarchy .... Tour to Royal town Topola and Oplenac include story about Serbian Uprising against the Turks and Serbian and Yugoslav royal house of Karadjordjević ... Tours in Belgrade highlight long and turbulent history and occupations by 40 different armies and rebuilt...

3. Enjoy and explore the different parts of Serbia :

There are several sites you just have to see when you travel to Serbia. Like Zlatibor, Tara, Drina River, Vrnjacka Banja ... Live Like a Local program has option that you will spend d couple of days in Serbian Countryside. You can choose different options: Spas & Wellness Centers, Ethno Villages, Hicking, Fishing on Drina river, Wine Tours ...

Prices & Payment & Travel insurance

As the Ancestry & Genealogy Tour is custom-made to each customer, it is not possible to give an exact price here. Typically, Live Like a Local Tour of 30 days for a group of 2 participants costs approx. 3800 euro. (flight tickets are not included)

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card using Paypal. When booking your tour 30% deposit is required to secure your dates, and your final payment is when you come to Serbia and start your tour.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company for travel insurance.

How to book Ancestry Tour

Booking Ancestry & Genealogy Tours in Serbia is really simple. All you need to do is to send us an e-mail at, tell us a few words about your family roots, how many days you wish to stay in Serbia, when you plan to travel, and we will take care of the further research and organization of your tour.

We will create uniquely unforgettable experiences with memories that will last you last a lifetime.

Genealogy Tour Led by Experts

Many companies are genealogy research only, many companies are touring companies only, we at Domovina are proud to be able to encompass your research and tour together. Discover Serbia's beauty & culture & history and your roots in ways that relate uniquely to YOU !

Dr Aleksandar Stojanovic

Genealogy expert & tour guide

Milan Drobnjak

Tour guide

Lana Kovela

Researcher & tour guide

Filip Janjic

Family Documentary Production